Restricted Section 2
  • What is RS1?
    • RS1 is shorthand for the original site
    • We call ourselves RS2 short for Restricted Section 2.
  • Were you Administrators on RS1?
    • No.  None of us ever worked as administrators on RS1 however all four of us have served as Admins and Moderators on the first incarnation of Restricted Section 2
  • Why can't I see my post?
    • For our own safety the first new post you make must be moderated. Just follow the rules and make a welcome post, and we'll get your account fully permitted to the site.
    • Please be patient.  We're doing this as a safety precaution to keep all of our members safe from Bots which link to dangerous websites.
  • Do you have the stories from RS1?
    • No, we do not have any of the stories from the old site.
    • This is a new separate site and we will be hosting new stories as we get more authors and get out system worked out.
  • Can I host an old fic from RS1 here?
    • Yes, provided that you are the author of that story.
  • Can I post my fanfiction here?
    • Yes, yes you can.  Just apply on our forums to become an author first. Please be aware if your fanfiction is too badly formatted it may be removed for guideline violations.

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        -Thank you.