Restricted Section II : FAQ
Restricted Section 2
  • What is RS1?
    • RS1 is shorthand for the original site
    • We call ourselves RS2 short for Restricted Section 2.
  • Were you Administrators on RS1?
    • No.  None of us ever worked as administrators on RS1 however all four of us have served as Admins and Moderators on the first incarnation of Restricted Section 2
  • Why Are you closing?
    • This site was originally started in 2011 with Four Moderators and a larger userbase who actively participated in the site.  At this time the forum has 0-2 active users, less than 20 pieces of fiction, and One Active Administrator.
    • Our Active Admin can no longer handle maintaining the site or cope with the amount of e-mail spam it generates.  It is no longer worth the cost of the web service to keep this site online.
  • Why can't I register?
    • Registration has been closed as part of the shut down of this site.  Eventually this forum will be completely closed and deleted.