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International Administrator of Magic

Slawterer, also fondly known as SIAM, was our Lead Admin on the original RS2.

Currently he does not have as much time for the site as he used to however we still salute him as out King and Fearless Leader.  He started our journey to this new site which has been continued by our other administrators.  We are always happy to see him around.


Supreme Admin & Primary Messenger of Management

Queen_Kit, the one who is typing all of this, was Second Admin on the original RS2.

She works on developing these landing pages and also acts as the Primary Administrator of this incarnation of RS2.  Should you have any questions she can be reached on the forums under her own account or the Admin account.  If you do not have an account on the forums you may also e-mail her at the address listed at the bottom of this page.

If you read these pages previous to these updates you are probably aware of how hurriedly they were written and how bizarre they seemed.  Miss Shinju would like to apologize for that as she intended to update these a long time ago.


 His Chief High Mighty Dadmin

HotWitchesRule, more commonly referred to by the less lengthy nickname "HWR", is probably the second most active admin on our site.

HWR is the proud father of young Twins and recently became father to another child.  (Hence his title of "Dadmin")  This as well as his dedication to his own continuing education and his job has limited his time for this site by a large amount of late.  However we are still glad to have him around and wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors.

He's known to have a perchance for cracking jokes about Hufflepuffs which get him in trouble.


Helper to the Previously Listed & Insanity Incarnate

Snowfire has been a really excellent helper with setting up the site, offering opinions, and being supportive of the whole endeavor.  He's been a sounding board, spellchecker, and often helped to check things over for clarity.

He's also Really Really insane. (Which makes him pretty awesome)
Fear him all who shall attempt to walk the path of life without a side of Insanity.

Restricted Section 2

For those who were never part of the original Restricted Section, Restricted Section 2 is a forum and limited fanficton hosting site. We are dedicated to Mature discussions and fanfiction taking place within the Harry Potter world.

We formed after the boards on the old Restricted Section – which has recently gone down – were closed, mainly as a way to hold the community that had become so important to a lot of us together.

Our first move took us to Proboards, where we enjoyed many months of peace and steady rebuilding – only for the entire site to be unilaterally deleted for reason which we are still not entirely sure of.

Facebook and e-mail connections allowed us to keep in contact, holding the group together as best we could, until we managed to accumulate the funds to buy hosting. And that's about where we are now. We're still working the final kinks out of the system, but most of it's done.

We are hoping to create just as vibrant a community here as we had back on the Original Restricted Section.  We also are striving to start our own collection of fanfiction.  And we welcome Authors to start signing up.

The Management  -  Restricted Section 2