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Forum Features - Avatars, Signature, Profile

Post by admin » Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:59 pm

For those who are unaware if you click the User Control Panel link at the top you can modify your profile (link to profile options is located on the left side of the screen). Once selecting profile you can update your Profile with things such as your Location and your Hogwarts House among other things. In fact as of a few minutes ago you can now also set your gender if you would like people to know and make sure they use proper pronouns on you.

Under profile you can also find the links to:
  • Change your Avatar (User Image)
    up to 200x200 pixels
    You Can:
    • Link your own from another site
    • Upload your own to our site (must be under 20 KB)
    • Choose from one of the icons in our gallery
      Display Gallery Link located below Avatar dimensions
      Choose in the drop-down from:
      • Hogwarts Crests
      • Hogwarts Hats
      • Stripes
  • Change your signature
  • Edit Account Options
Also Located on your user panel (also on the left) are your:
  • Board Preferences
    Change timezone
    Change Forum style
    Caution: Changing Forum style may change where things display
  • Private Messages
  • Usergroups
    Request to join or leave usergroups.
    Admin or Group Leader may PM you to ask for details on requests
  • Friends & Foes.
    Friends enable you quick access to members you communicate with frequently.
    Foes are users which will be ignored by default. Posts by these users will not be fully visible.
~Thank you for your time and I hope this has been of assistance.
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